Divorce uncontested From $299
Bankruptcy From-$299       
Expungement From -$349 
Name Change -$349                                                          
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Divorce, Bankruptcy and Immigration Document Preparation  Services

Divorce Uncontested -$299

Bankruptcy From- $299

Expungement From-$349



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Divorce or Bankruptcy From -$299 plus court fee

Divorce or Bankruptcy From $299 plus court cost.

Expungement and Name Change From $349 plus court cost.

Please call 973 273-1325 


Our company is here to assist by providing a wide range of services such as fast divorce, bankruptcy petition and much more at affordable prices. To speak with a

member of our staff, simply contact us at your earliest convenience. We provide a highly confidential, gimmick free service. No spousal signature required but you

must serve your spouse the Divorce Complaint, either directly by you or through the services of a third party which we can arrange e.g The Sheriff Dept of your



To be eligible to file for divorce in New Jersey, one spouse must have lived in New Jersey for at least one(1) year immediately before filing,

but if you are Out-Of-State your spouse is entiled to file for divorce in New Jersey based on the other spouse having lived in New Jersey for at least

one year.


New Jersey Courts will allow for a substitute service by Publication, call us for this service.

We are a Do-It-Yourself Company. We assist you in typing the following up-to-date documents ready for filing in any court based on the information you provided..
Divorce uncontested
Immigration- call for rate
Green card petitions,
Work Authorization,
Remove condition on a 2year Green card
Fiance Visa
Name Change-$349
Expungement- $349


Express Tax Returns- from $99



BANKRUPTCY Chapter 7 from $299 + court fee

We are a Debt Relief Agency providing services under the federal bankruptcy code. We are a Do-It-Yourself Company, no online forms to fill-out you

speak to a live person directly. Federal law allows a Bankruptcy Petition Preparer to professionally complete your petition in exchange for a fee. This

means you can file your own Chapter 7  and  or 13 save a bundle.

Bankruptcy law allows individuals or joint debtors the right to represent themselves in Bankruptcy hearings (court) or have a lawyer represent them.

Please contact a Bankruptcy lawyer to determine which type of Bankruptcy is good for you before you come to us or call us.

WE CAN NOT ADVICE OR ANSWER ANY LEGAL QUESTIONS, but we can prepare your up to date Chapter 7 or 13 Bankruptcy Voluntary Petition. If you need

legal information or guidance please contact the New Jersey Bar Association for referrals at 973 533-6775, 609 345-3444, 201 798-2727. We will assist in preparing

an up to date Bankruptcy Voluntary Petition forms based on the information you give us all you do is sign and file.


Federal law prohibits a Bankruptcy petition preparer from doing the following things:

. Tell you which type of Bankruptcy to file
. Tell you not to list certain debts
. Tell you what property to exempt

the same Bankruptcy Federal law requires a Bankruptcy Petition Preparer to

. Provide a written contract defining our services and fee.

. Provide written disclosures summarizing the different kinds of bankruptcy and associated procedures.

. Not to use, or advertise with, the word "Legal" or any similar term

. Include preparer's name and social security or tax identification number on the documents that we prepare.

. File a fee disclosure statement with the court (stating how much we charged for our service)

. Not to collect or handle the bankruptcy filing fees or other court fees, the debtor must file his or her own bankruptcy petition.

. Not to charge an unreasonable fee.

. Bankruptcy Petition Preparers must identify themselves in their marketing materials as debt relief agencies providing services under the

federal Bankruptcy code.

These rules apply to only Bankruptcy Petition Preparer's who charge a fee, people who help others for free or if you prepared your own petition

you are not subject to these rules



DivorceBankruptcyImmigration, LLC is not a law firm, we can not and will not give you any legal advice.

You are solely responsible for the accuracy of all the information we type in your documents, we rely 100% on the information you give us in

typing your documents. Our website is intended for information purposes only. It is not intended as a legal advice and should not be construed as such.

You the client should contact the New Jersey Bar Association for legal advice and referrals if you are not confortable in representing yourself in court at

973 533-6775,609 345-3444, 201 798-2727.






Our office hours are:9-5pm Mon-Fri Sat.10-3pm Sun. Appts. only